Oilwell cable company case solution

To maintain the proper film thickness, both the viscosity of the lubricating oil and the operating temperature of the thrust bearing are critical. Iams focuses on animal care and the food they eat, but in the processes they have been testing it on animals.

Typical diameters and rated HP ranges are shown in Table Second, gasses can permeate into the motor oil causing potential corrosion problems or burping and excessive loss of motor oil if there is a sudden decompression. Because head is independent of the fluid SG, the pump produces the same head on all fluids, except those that are viscous or have free gas entrained.

Another company is then hired to process the data, although this can often be the same company that acquired the survey. The proper selection is to choose the one in which the operational expansion cycle uses only a portion of the first chamber.

To protect against this, a thin layer of lead is extruded over the insulation. Conventional OBC surveys use dual-component receivers, combining a pressure sensor hydrophone and a vertical particle velocity sensor vertical geophonebut more recent developments have expanded the method to use four-component sensors i.

Although this process required more time on the part of the employees, the total amount of time from idea to full implementation was probably less than that in a traditional organization, and was clearly more successful.

Several parameters are used to relate the characteristics of stages of different size, under dynamically similar conditions. Even though the motor temperature rise is measured during the dynamometer test, it is not generally plotted on the motor characteristic curve.

It is spliced to the lower end of the round or flat main power cable, banded to the side of the ESP pump and seal-chamber section, and has the male termination for plugging or splicing into the motor electrical connection. It then repeats the process upon entering the next impeller and diffuser set.

After this startup period, the soft-start system switches off and the controller becomes a normal switchboard.

On round cable, it has the added function of providing additional containment protection for oil swelling and gas decompression.

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Because of its need for low profile, it requires compact construction. The CPT generally has multiple taps for selection of a range of output voltages. BP operations are organized into two main business segments, Upstream and Downstream.

Furthermore, the specific characteristics of seismic sounds and the operational procedures employed during seismic surveys are such that the resulting risks to marine mammals are expected to be exceptionally low.

The HP also follows the relationship that is given in Eq. Starting from the lowest level of protection to the highest, these layers are discussed next. It transmits the rotary motion from the motor to the impellers of the pump stage.

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The shaft is generally tubular material, and the hollow core allows for the motor oil to communicate from the motor head and base areas to the hotter radial bearing and rotor areas.

They are offered in two versions: One is a result of a portion of the impeller discharge pressure acting against the bottom shroud of the impeller. But when the teams made a decision, the implementation of the decision was virtually immediate, which was a big advantage over most managerially made decisions.

It indicates that as the motor voltage is increased or decreased away from its nameplate rating, the current increases, resulting in a decrease in efficiency.

Also, the stator laminations at the bearing locations are made of nonmagnetic material to reduce the rotating magnetic field and the rotational forces tending to rotate the radial bearing.

It shows a tubing-hung unit with the downhole components comprising of a multistage centrifugal pump with either an integral intake or separate, bolt-on intake; a seal-chamber section; and a three-phase induction motor, with or without a sensor package.

Bill Russell sees the major benefit of the team process as its production flexibility. The fluid is then boosted to the vortex generator by the positive-displacement inducer. A series of apparently related reflections on several seismograms is often referred to as a reflection event.

Flat cables, by virtue of their parallel conductor configuration, have an inherently induced imbalance. Diagram of equipment used for marine seismic surveys Marine — The marine zone is either in shallow water areas water depths of less than 30 to 40 metres would normally be considered shallow water areas for 3D marine seismic operations or in the deep water areas normally associated with the seas and oceans such as the Gulf of Mexico.

Because this controller is only a switch and does not modify the input voltage or current, it provides full-rated, instantaneous voltage to the downhole ESP system. Therefore, the manufacturers provide and specify several grades of dielectric motor oils to cover the range of motor operating temperatures.

The bladder material should be resistant to the well fluids and any injected chemicals. It is configured to have several concentric annular volumes that form a U-tube-type communication path for fluids coming in the top of the chamber to travel through to get to the exit point at the base of the chamber.

During installation, the unit goes from surface ambient conditions to wellbore setting-depth conditions. The left edge of the area is the minimum operating point, and the right edge is the maximum operating point.Oilwell Cable Company, originally known as Chord Cable Company out of New Jersey, has been acquired by new management and relocated in Lawrence, Kansas.

CASE: Oilwell Cable Company, Inc. Question 1: The advantage of proceeding without passing it by the team is that the process will be much faster and somewhat cheaper. Norm runs considerable risk, however, if he does not discuss the microprocessor decision with his production team%(8).

Apr 28,  · oilwell cable company case solution, October The following case describes an unusual organizational arrangement for an actual manufacturing firm.

The company is largely run by the employees through teams. When projects are instituted, it is common to pass the idea through the relevant teams first, before any changes are made. CASE: OILWELL CABLE COMPANY, INC. Jack R. Meredith. Table of Contents Introduction History of Oilwell Cable Company(OCC) The Team Management Process The Cable Production Process The Team Management Process The layoff was a traumatic situation for the teams and the team process.

Following that episode, the employees were unsure whether the. Related Documents: Oilwell Cable Company Case Study Essay Case Study of the Lew Mark Baking Company Essay Cookies In this case study presented analyses of the Lew Mark baking company that located in a small town in western New York.

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Oilwell cable company case solution
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